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Bryan Katz is a music industry insider with nearly 20 years in the game. From running the show at record labels to putting together killer music festivals, he’s done it all. He’s got a knack for marketing tunes and a history in journalism that gives him the edge in spotting the next big thing. In the music biz, Bryan’s the guy everyone listens to for the real scoop.
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Kip Wright, hailing from London, is a celebrated music blogger and ex-tour manager for iconic indie rock bands. Renowned for his sharp ear and a deep passion for artist narratives, Kip offers engaging, insightful reviews and critiques, making him a standout voice in music journalism.
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Anita Wang, a Los Angeles-based music journalist originally from Hong Kong, blends her lifelong passion for music with a sharp journalistic acumen honed at ASU. Her vibrant writing captures the pulse of the music scene, making her a go-to voice for insightful reviews and music news.
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Desmond Doss, originally from New York City’s East Village, left Juilliard to pursue beatmaking and music journalism. Regularly attending dozens of concerts each month, he has developed into a thoughtful and opinionated writer. His immersive experiences in the vibrant music scene give Desmond a distinct, authentic voice in his compelling articles.
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